About Us

CredCentral is a consumer finance company that offer loans up to N5,000,000 with repayments from 1-12 months. We are committed to making the loan application process, easy, fast and reliable.


To meet financial needs and impact society.


To be a leader in the consumer finance industry.


CredCentral aims to assist you with all of your immediate cash advance needs. Our application process is simple and you can apply directly by contacting us on our website or giving us a call. It takes simple steps to apply for a CredCentral loan. Simply decide how much you want to borrow and for how long the loan will be. You can also use our quick and easy personal loan calculator to work out how much your monthly repayments are likely to be.
We review applications as quickly as possible, and most of the time we can provide a decision within few hours and if approved your money will be transferred to your bank account in less than 24 hours. You will also receive a monthly reminder before each installment is due. Please be aware that defaulting on your Loan Agreement (non-payment) can have a negative effect on your Credit Rating.
If you have any queries or questions, you can contact us 24/7 to talk to a staff.


We lend to people who need financial help and pride ourselves on trying to help those that may find it difficult to get credit from other lenders. When deciding to approve a loan application, our criteria is based on whether an individual can afford the monthly repayments. We will even offer loans to those with a less than perfect credit history, which sets us apart from many other lenders.
Our customers often ask us “If I have a bad credit profile, can I still apply?” or “If I was rejected by my bank, can I apply?” The answer is YES. We treat every application individually and understand there are times when unexpected situations happen so we always try to help where possible.